That Didn’t Take Long — Out of Wattpad

Just closed my Wattpad account. Spent hours over the last week trawling for even one interesting thing to read. Found nothing. Overwhelming amounts of teen angst, and clones of every YA book and movie that represents their literacy. The problem made worse by lack of any descriptions. You have to click on titles without having the least idea what the story is about. Worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. If participation as a reader and commenter is required in order to promote your own work, then the cost isn’t just too high. It’s out of sight.


4 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take Long — Out of Wattpad

  1. Chuckling – haven’t read much over there in a long time; you’re not interested in 1-D fan fiction?

    It was good to have, when I needed it a while back (over a year). But it has changed significantly.

    They claim wild numbers of members. Readers. Just not buyers of serious fiction – if they buy at all.

    But these stories are read by kids all over the globe who don’t have money to buy books but DO have internet connections. It will be interesting to see where their future lies.

    1. The only reason I bothered to give it a try was a couple of articles by writers who seemed to think it’s a good form of self-promotion. You have to wonder. Unless you’re going to sacrifice tons of writing time, you’d have to settle for reading and commenting on any semi-literate pieces of tripe just to start getting a foot hold. Even when I tried the site out a few years back, it seemed pretty obvious that if you don’t write for the teen market you might just as well not bother. I’ve never been able to figure Margaret Atwood giving the site her seal of approval and actually participating on it.

        1. With all the new stuff that pours in there every day, it’s unlikely that most of it even gets noticed. But I have two books to finish (one of which isn’t even written yet) before I have time for the YA story. So there’s time if I want to change my mind and rejoin.

          Didn’t realize there’s a Canadian connection. Makes sense.

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