Major Change in November Plans

My regular readers know how often I change my mind, so this will probably be no surprise. NaNoWriMo 2016 is back on the calendar. How did that happen? Well, it was one of those things I’m sure everyone is familiar with in your own lives — suddenly seeing something so obvious that you could kick yourself for being — again– terminally stupid. It’s true that this isn’t a good time to be starting anything brand new, but what about the book I’ll be working on once Camp Expendable is out of the way? (Not to forget Set Me Free, which runs alongside of whatever is highest priority at the moment.)

The development of A Well-Educated Boy is well along in my head and has plenty of supporting notes that only need to be organized. There’s also about 8,500 words of text, which will have to be abandoned for NaNo, but they’ve set the tone that I want the book to convey, so that is one thing I won’t have to agonize over.

Having only a little over two and a half months to pull it all together is a bit of a rush, but considering how long this story has been churning away, that might not be a big problem. What I want to do is move much more to the “planner” side than my usual mix of planner/pantser. And that means figuring out how to make use of Scrivener’s outline feature, which I’ve never bothered with. As always, during NaNo, the more completely the story is laid out, the less stressful it is to get it written in 30 days or less.

In fact, as I’ve done before, I plan to keep working on another book during NaNo. This year, it will be Set Me Free. I may do less than I normally would in a month, but at least the work won’t stop altogether.

Of course, everything depends on my being able to stick to plans for Expendable, which means editing at least two chapters a day, getting the details of the last chapter written, running the whole thing through ProWritingAid, and then learning how to format it with Sigil.

It probably won’t be too long before I’m beginning to feel that time is running out and the wolves of failure are gaining on me. But what’s life without challenges?



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