Going Back to Google+ — Sort of

There’s such a thing as burning too many bridges. If I wanted to remain the total recluse that I’d prefer to be, cutting almost every tie with the internet wouldn’t cost me a moment’s hesitation. But being a writer makes that a loser’s life. I don’t write to create a career or make lots and lots of dollars. But I don’t see the point of pouring hundreds of hours into writing a novel and then tucking it away on my hard drive, never to be seen again. I want to be read. I want to make a few dollars now and then, if only to prove to myself that my writing has value beyond my own opinion of it.

Writers can’t afford to be invisible. But there’s no law that says you have to be an entrepreneur, or any kind of business person. You don’t have to devote significant time and energy to marketing, no matter how many “experts” tell you otherwise. Because you can do all that and still not be a “success.” You can write one book a year, or one book a decade.

I still don’t know where my balance lies, between letting the world know that I have books that they might enjoy, and keeping myself to myself. Going back to G+ and figuring out how to use it so it serves my needs is just one more stab at serving the books while protecting myself.

As long as I’m moving in that direction again, I might register for Ello, a social site for creatives that started up a couple of years back and settled into comparative obscurity after briefly lighting up the internet. It was touted (not by its founders) as a Facebook killer, which it was never intended to be, and never made any attempt to become. As usual, I’ll circle around that campfire for a while, to get a good sense of what it’s like and whether it might be worth my time. Maybe even enjoyable? Though I’ve really given up on getting any enjoyment from social interaction on websites.



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