Eyebrow Raised in Puzzlement

122 blogs? How in the world can anyone maintain 122 blogs? Someone was apologizing (I think it was an apology, but I didn’t read far enough to be sure) for having spammed his readers with 122 blogs. Big “Oh!” Another one of those people who can’t seem to get that a blog is the container, which contains posts. Maybe it’s because we can say we’re blogging, which would lead to the idea that we’re writing blogs. Say it three times. Okay, once will do. A blog is the container. Posts are the content.

And then there’s Ello (ello.com), where fashionable grey text is carried to the extreme. All the text on the site is grey, but when you get down to nitty gritty stuff like writing, either your own stuff, or comments, the grey fades even further into near-invisibility. I don’t know whether commenting was down or the button to let me actually publish it had disappeared into the woodwork. As usual, I tried it on another browser. No go. So even though there was one writer whose posts I liked very much, enough to want to follow him, and was optimistic enough to think there might be more, the eyestrain wasn’t worth it. My presence on Ello lasted about two days. Another social networking site down. Very few left to go, I’m afraid.

And then there’s Wattpad. I reopened my account to give it another try. Let’s serialize Gift of the Ancien and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get enough of a response to encourage to finish revising the monster. And it is a monster, as something over 100,000 words. Anyway, the user interface is something out of the 90s, but I did manage to get 1100 words up. I didn’t see any way to format the material, but maybe Firefox just doesn’t show the formatting bar. That’s an ongoing problem when you’re on a Mac, but most sites have accepted that Mac users do exist and have upgraded their sites to be usable for us.

Posting a cover for the story involves either using their cover creator, which I wasn’t about to tackle, especially after having already put an hour into designing a cover, or inputting a URL for your image. Never mind that every other site lets you drag and drop your images. It’s been years since I had to host an image somewhere in order to get a URL. Lucky that I can drag and drop to WordPress, and use that URL.

So the first part is up, but nowhere to be found. Wattpad has section for HOT, Featured, and Undiscovered in each genre. Nowhere is there a section for NEW. Undiscovered goes on forever, and every one of those poor, lagging works of genius has at least 100 or so reads. If my bit is at the very end, there is no one on earth who has the patience to keep scrolling down to find it. And why would they?

So, how does one find brand new contributions on Wattpad? I have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Raised in Puzzlement

  1. I absolutely hate this trendy pale gray on white text. What do they think? That everybody has 20-year-old eyesight?

    1. The largest demographic is the younguns and us oldsters are probably the smallest. I figure the trend will disappear in favor of another one sooner or later — or when all those youngsters start complaining that their eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be.

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