Another Big Step Toward Publication

Camp Expendable is finally finished at 77,572 words. That’s 25,000 words added since last November. I had no idea there was that much more to be written. Thanks to my wonderful beta reader, it’s going to be a lot better than it would have been without her — even if I didn’t take all her suggestions. Is it what I hoped for? Not quite. Something still evades me, the quality that could take it from a good read to something really memorable. Maybe I’m just not capable of that. But given the time, I’ll keep trying.

Spell check is done. ProWritingAid grammar check is done. Several bouts of search and replace are done. Next step is a final proofread. Change font and settle down for a few days of a grueling haul. Then — maybe — I’ll give Scrivener’s Compile another try. At least I won’t be doing anything unusual with the text that might screw with Scrivener’s mind.

August is quickly slipping away, but maybe I can still have the book published at or soon after the end of the month. The cover needs a bit of a tweak, but that’s not a big deal.

Still up in the air: whether to work up A Well-Educated Boy for NaNo or give in to the crazy idea of pantsing something highly experimental that I’ve been edging around for a couple of months.




One thought on “Another Big Step Toward Publication

  1. Congrats on finishing off Expendable. 77K, that’s something! Like you, I haven’t taken on board more than about half of various beta readers’ suggestions for my short story collection, but the half I did take on sure helped in perfecting the work.

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