The Writer’s Life for Me

Maybe a writer’s life isn’t as exciting as a sailor’s or a pirates, but it more than makes up for that with crazy-making. Every morning is a time for momentous decisions about what writing project to work on. When I was considering it this morning, I came to the conclusion that juggling three major projects might somewhat contribute to my periods of severe headaches. What in the world am I doing to myself, and why would I not want to find a way out of the mess? Because I don’t want to find a way out of the mess; I just want to handle it better. Alas, I doubt there is any “better.”

New writers are advised not to wait for inspiration to strike. That way can lead to paralysis and a lifetime of “wanting to write, but doing it. At the same time, inspiration is sometimes what gets me going when I’m stuck with eenie, meenie, minie, mo. Which of the three projects should a start the day with. This morning, that had already been settled in the middle of a sleepless night. The middle of the night usually turns out to be a reliable source of inspiration, but only if I resist the temptation to go back to sleep without turning on the light and making notes. No matter how many times I’ve convinced myself that I can and will remember in the morning, I’ve been forced to accept that it’s take notes or lose it.

So this morning started out with some new entries for Set Me Free, and a somewhat clearer idea of how to organize the material. And–a pat on the back for me–the only delay was checking the weather and my email very quickly. Set Me Free is beginning to look a tiny bit less like an impossible mess and an equally tiny bit more like a book.

On to proofreading Camp Expendable, which I expect to consume most of the day. Finally, if time and energy allow, some more wrestling with A Well-Educated Boy.

Currently reading: Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. It’s been many a year since I originally read it, so it’s like a first-time read.


One thought on “The Writer’s Life for Me

  1. Commendable that you can keep options open as to what to work on. I have one choice – PC2 – and haven’t even been able to take some time and put a couple of shorts up on Amazon, including one which is a prequel to Pride’s Children.

    The brain requires too much ramp-up time.

    Which is why I at least sit here and try every day.

    The exception seems to be blog posts – sometimes they get me going, but sometimes they also use up the energy and time. But if I can’t write on the fiction project, writing anything can feel like busting out of a box.

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