Foreswearing Myself About Kindle Select

Ever since it started up, I’ve sworn that I will never put a book in Select and lose the opportunity to get sales from other sites. Now’s the time to take that back. As an experiment. With just one book — Camp Expendable.

I’m a great believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket. But I do practically nothing to promote my books on an ongoing basis, so my Smashwords sales, which started out great have dwindled to near-zero. At the rate they’re going now, it may be a year before I qualify for Smashword’s minimum $25.00 payment. To make sure that miserable record continues, I recently removed all my Smashwords books from the sites they distribute to since I’m planning to switch to Draft2Digital for distribution of new work, and what little old work remains when I’ve withdrawn the Boundaries novels and some others from publication. Sales at Amazon are also pretty sporadic, so placing a new book more publicly than I normally would might up the action there also.

Even paying heed to warnings that Amazon has been pulling books out of Kindle Unlimited for supposedly fake reads, I’m going to give it a try. The book has to be in Select in order to be available in KU, so I’ll hold my nose and see what happens. The possibility of getting paid for reads by people who may not want to buy the book is very appealing. And from what I’ve seen on Kboards and elsewhere, those reads do sometimes lead to sales.

Marketing is always a pain in the neck, and it’s always changing, which makes it even worse for people who hate to market. But there’s a difference between a pain in the neck and a stiff neck that refuses to bend in any circumstances.


4 thoughts on “Foreswearing Myself About Kindle Select

  1. You give Select 90 days. That’s it.

    If a book is doing well elsewhere, then if you give Amazon the exclusive you may lose your reviews and sales if you go Select (which is only for the ebooks, anyway).

    But if not, all you’re committing is 3 months.

    Don’t check the automatic renewal if you don’t want it.

    With no energy for promotion, that’s where I leave Pride’s Children. I wasn’t going to do anything with it elsewhere anyway.

    I did take it out to do a few days of my own worldwide sale, because the Kindle Countdown Deals can only be set up for US and (separately) for UK; between two 90 day periods I set PC at 0.99 for 5 days on the other 11 sites (Mexico, Canada, etc.). Then I told all my friends in those countries. I didn’t even get ONE sale, so I guess it isn’t a problem that people want PC in those countries and can’t afford it. Or I’m lousy at promotion (but we already knew that).

    I put it back in Select, and stopped thinking about that marketing stuff, and am trying to JUST write until Book 2 is finished.

    1. No problem with losing sales elsewhere. Amazon is the only place I’ll publish Camp Expendable until I see how it does in KU and whether that gains it any traction. I don’t have any more energy for promotion than you do (or inclination), so if I can avoid it by using Select and KU, I’ll blow Amazon a big kiss. I’d much rather be writing than doing all the business stuff.

      1. Amazon makes it POSSIBLE. And relatively easy.

        I am not in the least anti-Amazon – I just keep scheming to see how I can attract THEIR attention. Without giving away the house, of course.

        Author Earnings reports a larger and larger share of the revenue for the Amazon imprints – I just need to figure out how to get on their gravy train while retaining all control and revenues.

        A bit tricky.

        The Red Queen said she could believe six impossible things before breakfast.

        Me too.

        1. If I were going to try for a publisher, I’d probably want on Amazon’s gravy train there. At least KU is a small step up from total invisibility.

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