Pricing Changes

As part of the move toward phasing out all my slave fiction, I’m changing my Smashwords prices on my novels and short stories. I hope Amazon will price match Hidden Boundaries, but I know I can’t count on that. You might call this a last hurrah, trying to give the stories some new life, even if it’s very short-lived.

Hidden Boundaries is now free (formerly 3.99) (2.99 on Amazon until they do a price match)

Crossing Boundaries is now 2.99 (formerly 3.99)

Within the Silence is now 1.99 (formerly 2.99)

Darkest Prison is now 1.99 (formerly 2.99) (Not slavefic)

They’ve also been reduced on Amazon.

If anyone would like to take advantage, but prefer to buy from Amazon, please let Amazon know that you want Hidden Boundaries to go free. I’ve withdrawn all my Smashwords books from Premium distribution, but I don’t know if any are still available on other sites. It might take a while before Hidden Boundaries is actually eligible for Amazon’s permafree.



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