Books Going Away, Rethinking the Blog

Friday, I’ll be removing (unpublishing) the two Boundaries novels and Within the Silence from Smashwords. They’re on sale until then. Eventually, they’ll probably be taken down from Amazon, though I haven’t made up my mind about that yet.

This blog has been going for a long, long time–six years, come September. And I’m bored. And written out about writing and publishing. Readership has gone down, possibly because I don’t post regularly or I’m turning out too many posts that don’t  have much appeal for most readers. What to do about it? I’m not sure, but I’m considering putting the emphasis on science fiction and the sources it draws on.

Or I could just stop blogging.


4 thoughts on “Books Going Away, Rethinking the Blog

  1. Ah, I get it now. It doesn’t hurt you in any way to have work on Amazon, and it costs nothing. I’d say just leave them there – with the right keywords, someone will find them. I’m sorry about the idiot who trashed your reviews, though – that did hurt.

    As for the rest, blog when you feel like it. Six years IS a long time – I started in 2012 – but it provides a way for me to get things out of my head and into some kind of recorded format, being a journal of sorts, and I like mine for that.

    Mine is also one of my few outlets to the rest of humanity, and of writers (some possible overlap?), so I have a place to go complain, as I did yesterday, where somebody knows my name, and some people agree with my side (though I haven’t had people share THEIR stories of being banned yet. Hmmm).

    I have a few continuing expenses, mostly in connection with domains I’ve decided to lock up, but nothing major – and writing keeps me occupied and out of trouble, and so is worth it to my family, who otherwise would have a chronically-ill AND depressed person on their hands.

    Do it if you like it – you choice.

    If you give it up, you are always welcome to come do a guest post on mine.

    1. I’m gradually phasing out slave fiction, but the listings on Amazon will be the last to go. I’ve removed them from Premium on Smashwords, and hope they’ll disappear from the premium sellers fairly quickly. I *might* want to set Hidden Boundaries to free on Amazon in case that would lead to a few sales of the others. But even that will be temporary.

      Me too. My blog is one of my few “outlets to humanity” on the web, so there wouldn’t be much left if I gave it up. I’m making notes about what I would want to do with an SF blog. I’m not jumping into anything new right now. Just don’t have the mental or physical energy for it.

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