Maverick Writer Evolving

Plans for the transition to a focus on science fiction are coming along, still just a list of what will (tentatively) be included. Images, for certain. A different theme. This theme is handsome and I like it very much, but it’s too restrained and formal. Also, even though most people are getting accustomed to the idea of having to scroll to the bottom of the page to see more than just the blog text, it isn’t a user-friendly interface.  So I’m looking for a classic theme that allows for at least one sidebar.

Here’s what may be included:

Links and posts
News items
SF blogs —
Articles about SF
Sidebar for blogged titles
Writing and publishing SF
List — SF Books (?) One-paragraph descriptions.

I hate writing book reviews, but I think they’re a necessity for an SF blog, so I’ll grit my teeth and do them now and then. But they’re unlikely to be long. Maybe most readers will consider that a blessing.

I’m not jumping into this without a lot of planning and preparation. I want to have a folder of images in place so I don’t have to spend time hunting when I’d rather be writing. A small backlog of posts, maybe. Link lists with enough content to be useful and interesting. And shameless exposure for my own published work.


8 thoughts on “Maverick Writer Evolving

      1. ‘Surgery’ sounds so drastic, but sometimes that’s what’s necessary.

        Mine is long overdue for some rearranging of contents under headings, etc., there being well over 400 posts, and some of it possibly still useful.

        It just never seems to end up on the top of the list because new stuff comes along faster than I can cope.

      1. I learned about you from your G+ post, but then had a hard time finding this website. Maybe you should update your G+ profile, or at least have a link to this post in that post.

        1. You’re the second person to ask. I guess putting it at the end of the Story section isn’t enough. Just added it to Links at the bottom of the page. I’ll edit the post also. Thanks for the reminder.

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