On Being Told What and When to Read

Labor Day is just around the corner, and that means summer is over. Which means it’s time to get serious about your reading. No more beach fluff. Get your mind in gear and read the books “we” think are important.

I have the same reaction every time I see a list of the books we “should” be reading: my back stiffens, and I say no thanks, I’ll choose my books myself, and read them when I darn well want to. I realize that Literary Hub’s new list of 18 Books You Should Read This September isn’t meant to be taken literally. I’m an obsessive reader, but even I can’t read 18 books a month. That title is just another form of clickbait.

Neither is the selection of books meant to appeal, in its entirety, to everyone. Out of the 18 on the list, two sound like something I’d read — someday– but they don’t belong on my priority list. From some lists, I take nothing at all because, as with so many aspects of my life, and like Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt (read her new post: I Am Always the Wrong Survey Demographic), I don’t fit anyone’s demographic. Thank goodness!




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