Random Bits for Labor Day

None of the bits have anything to do with Labor Day. You can thank me when you get around to it.

You don’t have to be a grammar snob to dislike the Weather Channel website, but it helps. In today’s report on the storm still hanging around in the upper Atlantic: “Hermine is well off the Northeast Coast, but the effects of the storm is still effecting the New England Coast.” Who writes these things? Maybe they can try for three errors in one sentence next time.

Strange Trend in Blog Subscriptions

Why do I keep getting new subscribers with blogs that contain nothing but photographs? These people don’t write anything; they don’t have any information about themselves, and they generally leave the example text that WordPress inserts for the edification of people who need an explanation of how to blog. What’s the deal here? Is someone passing the word around that subscribing to random blogs might attract viewers to their own? If so, they’re wasting their time. If I had a driving need to view picture of animals and buildings, I might be tempted. Might. More likely, not.

Is the crazy getting crazier?

Maybe I just read the wrong news sites, and too many of them. But it does seem that crazies are crawling out from under every rock lately. A state’s freedom of religion law as justification for beating the crap out of your child? Pouring water over a kid’s head because he spoke Spanish on the school bus? Going into hysterical rants at total strangers because you believe they’re an ethnic group/religion/political persuasion that you hate? A tremendous number of recent crazies have the whiff of The Donald about them, as if he’s given permission for them to spout their delusions and act them out. Apparently, that whiff also allows them to believe that no one will notice and that they will escape any legal consequences.



3 thoughts on “Random Bits for Labor Day

  1. Labor Day seems to be celebrated on different days all over the world. and even in different states, here in Australia. When I first moved to the bush from Queensland, I sent my son to school on the 1st Monday of October, not knowing that, unlike Queensland who celebrated the day in May, New South Wales celebrated the day in – you guessed it, October. When he came walking back down the bush track around morning tea time, I was most surprised.

    1. I had no idea Labor Day was common in other countries. It would be sheer chaos here if the date was different in each state. At least you don’t have as many.

  2. It is almost over, this year’s Labor Day. The youngest offspring is back from her weekend with friends – and the talk of her moving out is intensifying (she needs to clean out several rooms worth of stuff!).

    All my plants – ten pots of plants I’ve owned mostly longer than I’ve had kids (over 30 years) – are in their new potting soil with the help of my new assistant – a job which took the better part of two 3-hour slots. If we move to California, I have no idea what I’ll do with them – they’re rather spoiled, even if the system has always been, ‘if you survive in my house with my care you’re allowed to live.’

    The chinchilla has not deigned to come out today, and I’m not waiting any longer – to bed with me. I thought Gizzy would be out for daughter, but no.

    Today was emotional – saw home movies I’d never actually seen – more on that later, but I need my rest. I got a few words further this morning – and that’s how it’s going, slowly.

    Back to work.

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