Writing Prompts for 21st Century Science Fiction

  1. A new US president places the country on a wartime footing as allies fall away. Without enough volunteer military, he reinstitutes the draft.
  2. The EPA becomes an arm of the corporations that produce pesticides and the chemicals added to food.
  3. The Department of Homeland Security is expanded to oversee the media, and censor anything it judges dangerous to the nation.
  4. Torture and imprisonment without trial are expanded to include US citizens.
  5. The temporary slowdown in militarization of police is set aside, with heavy-duty weaponry and and transport once again being made available, and to a wider range of local police units.
  6. Controls on the use of pesticides are loosened. With the loss of most pollinating bees, food shortages become the norm, and prices climb skyward.
  7. Measures to protect coastal areas from sea rise are either never funded or fail in the face of increasing storms, tsunamis, etc. Climage refugees become a divisive political issue.

All this comes out of recent news reports, just slightly extended into the near future. I wrote the above about a month ago, and what do you know? — saw an article today that #5 may very well be real when the Trumpf takes office.

Somebody remind me, please, that I want to write a post, fairly soon, about what I’m calling “creeping dystopia.”


8 thoughts on “Writing Prompts for 21st Century Science Fiction

  1. At the rate things are going, you won’t have to wait long for the real thing. But it’s an idea I had a few days, sort of a reaction to all the apocalyptic scenarios.

    1. It seems like it some days, doesn’t it? But it’s possible. Just carry everything out to the utmost extremes you can think of. Of course, it’s possible that reality might catch up with us, even so.

    1. One of the worst aspects is that instead of moving forward on all the advances that have been made lately, it will be a fight to keep them from being reversed. Scientists are already organizing to archive research and data banks to prevent them from being destroyed, particularly on climate change. All human rights — gonna be an awful struggle. The ignorance is so profound — don’t need intelligence briefings because he’s so smart? Michael Moore might be right — he’s going to get us killed.

      1. Stronger and healthier people than I will do the work.

        If there were something I could do, I would attempt to do it. In that department, what I can do is to continue to advocate, in my small way, for disabled people, and PWCs (people with CFS) in particular – with my writing.

        My purpose was always educational; now it may be even more important.

        And, as usual, ‘educational’ must be buried in good entertainment to be palatable.

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