The Gratitude Attitude

There’s one thing that I can truly appreciate about Christmas: the day before, the day, and the day after, and how real life comes to a screeching halt. If I have anything that I seriously want to attend to during that period, there’s little to distract me. Most of my life is spent in front of my computer and on the internet, so when the web quiets down and removes the temptation to surf instead of work, that’s something to be grateful for. And I am.

I’ll be staying home tomorrow, as I usually do, working on one of my major WIPs, Bentham’s Dream. I don’t know how long my mind will stay free of the paralysis that’s gripped it ever since November 8, but I don’t plan to let the opportunity slip, if I can help it. I just finished a read-through of the first-draft 25,000 pages, to refresh my memory, and it’s easy to see what needs work. It’s very rough, of course, but not so bad that I’ll have to throw away much material.

I’ve had plenty of time over the last few months, to work out plot points, and how to revise what  needs to be revised. The story only has two characters, so it’s very much a talking heads kind of thing. How to liven it up, and what POV to use have been the major problems. I think I have them licked, so I hope I can now say “full speed ahead.”

I still intend for it to be the anchor in a story collection, so whatever plans I have for expanding it, I want it to remain no longer than novella length. Considering that I originally saw it as a short story, that’s quite a change.

It would be nice to have two pieces ready to publish early next year, Bentham’s Dream and Camp Expendable, but that depends on how long my ambitious mood holds out. My fingers are crossed.


5 thoughts on “The Gratitude Attitude

  1. My guess is your good mood will hold; you’ve done the down time now. Most writers have these periods; I suppose some would call them writer’s block, but I think it’s very different. The result’s the same, though: no work gets done. but usually, the writer eventually returns to the fray with renewed vigour, and that seems to be what’s happened to you. Best of the Season (I know neither of us are big on Christmas), Dani

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