Camp Expendable is Published

And about time, too. It took the best part of the day to wrestle Scrivener’s Compile to the ground and fix a couple of problems, then Amazon found misspellings that needed to be corrected (only two of the four were actually misspelled, the others just aren’t part of KDP’s vocabulary.)

Economic and environmental collapse has turned the United States into a nation of refugees. The solution is every conspiracy theorist’s nightmare — internment camps. When Casey Thompson loses his family, his job, and any reason for living, he goes on the drift. Then he’s scooped up to become one of 300 homeless single men locked behind the razor wire of Camp Midway, a repurposed Army base halfway between “somewhere and nowhere.” Even Lieutenant Capra, the young officer in charge of Midway, doesn’t know if their imprisonment will ever end. Only Casey’s friendship with Jake, an old man nearing the end of his own life, is keeping him going. But violence and death stalk the camp and Casey takes more losses. Sooner or later, he must make a decision: accept a life with no hope and no future, or find a way out and make a new life for himself.

Just in case anyone would like to buy, it’s $3.99, and to be found at:

Those identifiers are getting longer and longer, I see.

Now I’m back to Bentham’s Dream and have finally, after I don’t know how many false starts as to POV, settled on first person. A major chance in voice, also. My books are always the better for taking so long to germinate, so this one stands a chance of being closer to my hope for it than any in the past.


14 thoughts on “Camp Expendable is Published

    1. It will be slow, I’m sure. I’m not publicizing it and it isn’t exactly the kind of thrill most people are looking for. Wooda sent you a PDF if you’d asked.

      I’ve been trying to write you, but keep getting sidetracked. Soon, I hope. Just critted a chapter of a memoir, on request, for someone on Scribophile, had a 3 1/2 page handwritten essay to transcribe for one of my prison guys. Son is coming to town later, so that’s probably a shopping trip. His newspaper to proof this evening or tomorrow morning. It’s noon and I haven’t done any writing yet today.

      1. Please do send me a PDF so that I can write a review for you. I’m currently having trouble getting books I buy to show up on my desktop Kindle. KDP sent me instructions as to how to fix this, but we’re in the middle of a heatwave over here, and I can’t face those instructions at the moment.

        1. Will send a PDF in the morning, but you have to promise to be honest, just as you did when you betaed it.

          Shopping trip: three thrift stores, and grocery store. I’m wiped out and will be feeling it tomorrow, but I bought about a dozen books, for just a couple of dollars.

          More tomorrow.

  1. That’s wonderful, including the part about wrestling Scrivener to a compiled version. Well done.

    Sorry I was MIA – have been sick for months now, long story, and I decided to take the coug med that makes me sleepy – and then had to deal with stuff in that condition.

    I’m delighted for you – I know it’s been hanging over your neck for a while, waiting for that final push.

    1. Don’t worry about being MIA, I’ve been that way much of the time lately. As in reading your posts, but not being able to comment intelligently, so staying silent. Will power is something I can’t summon up normally, so you’re way ahead of me there. It wasn’t even will power that got me through the last stages — as often happens, the blocks just drop away and the ability to function snaps into place without my assist. I woke up and knew that today was the day, so I rammed through all the difficulties that might have had me cursing and putting it off again.

        1. LOL! I’d never have thought to consider it a berserker impulse. That’s great. I’ll probably be using it in the future. Now that it has a name, maybe I can find a way to invoke it. *Behead the hordes standing before me!* Yes, it feels good to have the book off my back. Just knowing that it was still hanging took energy away from other projects.

          Thanks for the laugh. I’m tired and aching from an ill-advised shopping trip with son yesterday, and it’s nice to have a bit of cheer. Three thrift stores and the grocery store. But I got about a dozen new books for less than $2.00.

          1. Thank God you can still read. I can’t, not while I’m writing, which is always.

            I may be out of the woods, but coughing since Nov. 1 has really worn me down.

            ‘Berserker mode’ you don’t invoke; what you do is that when you’re getting mad and all upset about something, you don’t try to control the impulse – instead, you let it rip. Feed the fire instead of smothering it.

            It is costly – the Russian berserkers knew they would probably die (IIRC) – but can be effective.

            Glad I gave you a laugh.

            1. Maybe my problem is that I don’t get mad, just frustrated and depressed. So if I can get mad…

              Have you tried slippery elm lozenges for the cough? They help coat the throat and protect it from irritation. Don’t always work, but often enough to be worthwhile, for me.

              1. I’ll think about the lozenges; have some I like – but I’d rather get rid of the cough.

                Thought it was gone this morning. Nope. Problem is the good cough syrup puts me in lala land. I’m better than I was, but it is irritatin.

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