January 15 Weekend Odds – Blogs and Cats

I’ve pretty much pulled out of the post-election slump, so things are picking up. Life goes on, though I think I will be spending the next four years in a state of outrage and disbelief.

I did, finally, start a blog about Asperger’s and the autism spectrum. Spent a good deal of time mulling it over, and defining exactly what I want to accomplish and whether I can keep it up long enough to be of use. Two posts and an About, so far. I’ll probably post only about once a week because I’m determined that it isn’t going to be another straw on my shoulders. Anyway, it’s Disorderly Minds, if anyone is interested. Sidebar and other stuff to be developed as I have time and inspiration.

For the first time since I started writing Bentham’s Dream I feel that I have a good grasp on it. Changing to first person was what did it, and giving the protagonist a distinct point of view that reveals more about him than what I originally intended.

I just began the sign-up with Apple’s iBooks so I can publish there. Gad, what a process. You’d think they were making sure of the nation’s security. For some reason, they couldn’t verify my additional information after I registered, so I have to wait, possibly for days, to find out what information they’re talking about and what to do if it’s giving them a problem.

On the home and hearth side, I’ve been pondering, almost since I moved, whether to get a cat. My Lizzie died a few years before the move, so this is probably my longest period in years without a fur ball. Several things have been standing in the way — carting cat litter home (though I can either order from Amazon or get son #2 to do it for me) and the usual litter box hassles. And my age. If I get a young cat, she’ll undoubtedly outlive me and son #2 will have to adopt. He’s been bugging me about it, threatening to find a cat and drop it off at my door. I’m hoping to find an older cat that would like a nice quiet home.

One of the thrift stores we went to the other day was the one the Humane Society runs, and they just happened to have cat dishes and other goodies, and a nice litter box, very cheap. Guess what? I’m now the proud owner of a litter box. It’s a start. I’ll get the rest of the necessities, but won’t pick out my fur ball until next month. It’s a big investment — $80.00, but that includes worming, vaccination and spaying. Much cheaper than paying a vet for all that. Even looked up dangerous plants for cats, and now have to figure out how to keep my two peace lilies out of paws’ reach.

So it goes.


8 thoughts on “January 15 Weekend Odds – Blogs and Cats

  1. You have been busy! Congratulations on the new blog – I will stop by to listen one of these days; as you know, I have a special interest.

    This morning, in between seeing the doc-in-a-box again (this time I got an inhaler and steroids), and picking up the prescriptions at the pharmacy, I had 15-20 minutes – and went into the local pet shop to pick out some alfalfa, etc., for Gizzy, who had basically run out. I don’t need to shop for a chinchilla very often, and timothy hay comes from Amazon while Mazuri keeps her in fresh alfalfa pellets (both are basics). It’s a dull diet without a few treats, but you have to be very careful in quality and quantity because they will eat nothing but treats, and shouldn’t have too much protein and very little sugar, as they’re herbivores…

    So both of my concerns were dealt with – and then I slept a long time.

    I’m getting NO fiction written with this illness, which makes me very grumpy when I’m not exhausted.

    You are lucky to have a son close enough to carry the kitty litter and nag you to get a familiar, and be willing to assume care should you decide to leave us (don’t). Mine are all too far, and I’m back to considering California as the place I want to live if I have to sign on for life. NJ and winter and short days are the final straw to winter depression, and if the daughter can get and keep a job, I’m outta here.

    To write, we need to keep these ageing bodies in good shape – and dang it, I want to finish these books.

    1. Oh good grief. I didn’t even notice. But it isn’t a tragedy, thank goodness. I realized after I started the blog that I wanted to say “minds” rather than “mind.” Thanks for the heads up. I’ll start another, with the right title, and then delete the first one. No wonder I spend whole days not being able to get to writing.

        1. In process now, with a few glitches, at least partly my own fault, that had to be worked out. Will have to post a notice on the original, and of course, I’ll lose the new views, but stats aren’t that important right now.

  2. RE apples ibooks, doesn’t Smashwords distribute to them, what am I missing here? Interesting you’e signing on re cats and I’m signing off. The cat I have is such a hellfire cat, attacking dogs, even tho he’s 14 and neutered, and the vet bills after 12 have been horrendous. Nevertheless, I do so envy you, starting out with one.

    1. Smashwords does distribute iBooks, but I shut down everything on SW because I was so tired of waiting months on end for for the dollars to add up enough to get paid. Now that they’ve changed to monthly, I’ll consider going back. Possibly.

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