Orwell Would Be Proud

Or maybe jealous. It’s all over the internet today, the “President’s” puppet’s new take on truth: alternative facts. I hope someone’s collecting the 21st century additions to Orwell’s Newspeak. We’re probably going to be seeing a lot of that kind of thing.

Did anyone seriously think that the man would suddenly turn presidential? That his people would gently coach and guide him in his role? Did anyone expect that the very first press conference of the new administration would be a series of blatant lies? If you were surprised by any of this, you haven’t been paying attention.



10 thoughts on “Orwell Would Be Proud

  1. So we keep pointing it out.

    I blame the major newspapers for the Trump fiasco. They were so concerned about some mythical fairness, or ‘air time’ concept, that they kept trying to make him somehow about as good as Mrs. Clinton, instead of ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE (at least 3 or 4 – 1000 or 10,000 times) worse.

    Now they’re outraged at what they helped elect – because he turned on them.

    He should be kissing their feet for making him seem legitimate! But that’s not how narcissits work: they will turn on you the minute they get what they want – as he will turn on the people who elected him. Sadly, those people also saddled him with a Republican congress, which Obama had to fight every day for what he accomplished.

    It is a sad day when you have to hope those Republicans are capable of reining in what they have in the White House.

    1. I’ve been making note of the predictions for the next few years — about whether he’ll stay in power and how long. The latest is Robert Reich’s statement that Congress has already planned to get rid of him (impeachment) and put Pence in his place as the man they really want. It’s weird times ago, that’s for sure, and the media do seem to be sucking up whatever version of reality is being handed out today. Trump as figurehead or Pence as president — not much hope either way.

      (Don’t worry about misspellings. I usually proof my comments, but not always.)

      1. Pence is a better pretender, and at least he was a governor. Not a good one, but the realities of daily governance are different from business (especially the kind DT ran/runs).

        Not good either way – no foreign policy, terrible ethics…

        I hope someone learned something from this, but we may need to let it scrape the bottom of the barrel first, because our fellow Americans aren’t completely disillusioned yet. Give them a bit of time.

        1. We may all be scraping the bottom of the barrel before long. Literally. Pols want to cut back SS benefits. If that happens while I’m still hanging around, I would have no discretionary income or anything to tuck away for emergencies. And lots of people live on far less than I do.

  2. Simply saddened by all my “Christian friends” who are constantly posting they don’t understand why the popular voters are not just getting onboard and then getting bent out of shape when they don’t like the answers… I’m not going to go on about it because I am avoiding social media because of this situation. Bottom of the barrel… Oooops! Said I wouldn’t go on about it! Ugh. Enough said. Hoping you all are having a warm and cozy weekend and are enjoying the storms β€πŸ‘

    1. I don’t do any social media, and I mostly just skim the news on a bunch of sites, so I avoid a lot of the angst. No storms here, thank goodness, nice weather in fact. I should be writing, but have been lazy. A good excuse is that I’m in shock from the week’s events, but I think that’s about to wear out.

          1. Hehehe 😜 yup! Right now, Santa Clarita is being evacuated in the burn zone from the summer. The reservoirs are finally full again, but it should rain like this once a year to keep up the levels. πŸ‘ Enjoy your lazy day. I just fed my students, finished the dishes and am curling up with a dozen more episodes of Lost on Netflix – lazy time tonight and all day tomorrow 😎

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