From Pillar to Post

I’m trying very hard to get over the feeling that I’m being thrown from wall to wall in a room that is somewhat padded, to make sure I don’t accumulate broken bones. Broken mind, not so much. In any one day, I swing from pillar to post, thinking I can get back to writing again, and then wondering what’s the point when everything is tumbling into a black pit without a bottom. These are the days when any sign of cheer is more than welcome, though it’s impossible to avoid the notion that anyone who’s the least bit cheerful has to be either oblivious or crazy.

I wonder what our non-US readers are thinking. Surely, they’re shaking their heads in amazement and disgust. Who would have thought that one man could do so much damage in such a short time? It’s enough to make me want to keep my head under the covers and never, never get up

But then there’s this from Chuck Wendig: This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System 

This weekend there came a moment when I thought, I am ashamed to be an American. But then I thought back to the Women’s March, and I think to all the people I know who are active and engaged, and then I realized: I’m not ashamed to be an American. I’m proud of Americans. I’m ashamed of my government. I’m ashamed of this administration, not of the nation it leads. Ten days in and the president is the most unpopular president in history. It proves that you are not alone. We are not alone. And if we make it out of this — if we can stop this bubbling septic shit-stew from boiling over — then we will have been delivered a timely and necessary reminder that our democracy is not shallow, but deep. That it is not simple, but complex. That even in its pillar-like presence, democracy is vulnerable and demands vigilance and the foreknowledge that axes and rot can still bring down this beautiful tree.

And  this, from Literary Hub: Entering Scoundrel Time: a new literary site takes on Trump.

This past Monday, January 30, Paula Whyman and Mikail Iossel launched Scoundrel Time, a literary site dedicated to combatting the greed and evil of our new president. I asked Paula Whyman to take me through their ambitious and hopeful endeavor. More than anything I wanted to be convinced that any literary activism—really, anything at all—can work against such a looming catastrophe.

Maybe it’s hopeless to think that ordinary people can prevail against a cabal of people without compassion, or even the intelligence not to cut down the tree they’re sitting in, but the only other choice is to sit back and watch it happen.


7 thoughts on “From Pillar to Post

  1. Great stuff by Wendig. We’re aghast over here in Australia. I think, frankly, the situation is so fraught that something is going to happen, and it just might turn out to be something for the good.

    1. Wendig can be a bit over the top sometimes in his effort to be entertaining, but he also isn’t afraid to speak out and tell it like it is. In one of his earlier posts he discusses a reader’s complaint that he isn’t spending all his blogging time on writing matters. He was amazingly restrained (for him) but didn’t give an inch.

      Is it possible for something good to come out of all this? Yes, I think so, but it isn’t going to be easy. Demonstrations are fine, as far as they go, and they do work to get people involved and keep their spirits up, but it’s going to take a lot more than demonstrations. Luckily, people who might actually suffer for their resistance are speaking up, and/or refusing to just do the job that’s demanded of them. Not enough yet, but every snowball starts small. And then there will be all the damage to make right.

      I love that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are pulling in record amounts of money. There’s really an enormous amount of good that could be done even without the support of the federal or state governments.

  2. I read somewhere that our government provided $600 million for family planning in other countries, with the proviso that none of it be used for abortion services. I am not pro-abortion, in any sense – but I believe it is a very difficult personal decision for many women, and nobody else’s business. Women also die when abortion is not legal, and if you judged purely by its results on the NUMBER of abortions, providing safe legal abortion actually reduces those numbers. And family planning, etc. People make good decisions in their own interests. Our government should not be telling ANYONE what to do in that sensitive personal area.

    Maybe we can free family and women’s services from the heavy hand of an American Republican government by replacing some of that money, directly to the organizations providing information and contraception and other services, without forcing them to do OUR bidding in how they do it, and which methods work best for their populations. Then they would be free of the constant fear of losing funding. I love that the ACLU and PP are getting huge infusions of new money; now let’s keep it up.

    1. I’m thrilled that the response to trump has been record-breaking contributions to ACLU and PP, but that still leaves the overseas organizations underfunded. I read that this happens with every switch between Democratic and Republican presidents, and has been going on for a long time. The Dutch are taking up some of the slack, but there’s going to have to be a lot more of it overseas if necessary programs aren’t to be devastated.

      The more I think about what’s going on, the more likely it is that the goal is for a white, christian theocracy. After all, Bannon has said that his personal goal is to dismantle the government, and if his influence is allowed to continue and build, that’s where we may find ourselves.

      1. And they said The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t realistic.

        Men always want control: ‘Christian’ men, Mormon men, Catholic bishops (disclaimer: I’m a practicing Catholic), Muslim men, male governments… they just love telling other people what to do. It gets very tiring very quickly.

        1. The Handmaid’s Tale always comes to mind doesn’t it? Which state is it that’s now in the process of giving husbands the right to forbid abortions? Back to the good old days.

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