Simple Website for My Books and Stories

I really need to create a website where the emphasis is on my published work. I did this once before, but hated my design, and didn’t think about it again. I have a pretty good idea of how it should look and could do it either with one of the WordPress templates, or by using a site like Wix. The main question is which is more likely to be seen. It might be good to get out of the WP environment into a new one. But using the same tags and meta description, would one be more visible than the other?

Any suggestions? Your experience?


5 thoughts on “Simple Website for My Books and Stories

  1. WordPress free site (unless you’re planning to sell FROM it), but with your own domain (no ‘wordpress’ in the url), which you can do for I think $18 a year if you already own the domain and transfer the name.

    You’re thinking of something fairly static, I assume, with a landing page, a list of books (suggested is three max on this page – you can rotate the books you display there – to avoid giving customer too much or too little choice). Then pages for the individual books, with some nice words from your reviews, etc., and anything else (errata? acknowledgements? background information?…) you’d like readers to be able to access about a book.

    That’s what I am trying to get some time to do; I started; had at an outside place, but brought it to wordpress and paid them to link so it doesn’t have ‘wordpress’ in it any more. I plan to put stuff up there which might interest my readers about each book, and have a short list of relevant blog posts. I asked people to follow (need mailing list, I think, some day) and told them I’d send only a few notices when sales, etc., happen.

    I think it currently has 7 followers, and they may be duplicates to the 350+ followers on, my writer blog.

    I still can’t credit either site with many sales – most of my sales have been hard-fought hand-selling. But there’s my setup, and I think it has sufficient expansion room for now, with Amazon handling my sales.

    Sort of sorks for me, for now, and with my ridiculously small amount of energy for changing things. I believe the link in the book goes to the book site, not Amazon. I need to check my back matter, etc., now that I have a bit more experience. It won’t mean much until I have the trilogy finished, and more books up, but progress…

    1. No plans for selling, and I’ve had a domain name via WP. Not worth the time or money. You’ve covered the contents pretty well — the current book taking pride of place with one or two others featured on a rotating basis. I’m inclined to stay with WP — know how to use it, large potential reader base, etc. Haven’t settled on a name yet, maybe csmcclellan_maverickwriter, for some continuity/familiarity, though that’s awfully long. Maybe just csmcclellanwriter. Too scatter-brained lately to buckle down on anything.

  2. Stick with what you already know; incredible amounts of time are spent trying to fix one small problem in a new system.

    I am guilty of same: there is ONE word completely wrong in the printed version of Pride’s Children, and one extra ‘s’ at the end of a word. In 167K words. And 5 minor typographical errors, such as a dash/close-quotation having the close-quotation mark on the next line, courtesy of… Microsoft Word! It bugs me – and I’m not going anywhere near that file on Amazon or Createspace unless I’m making some other absolutely necessary change. The potential for messing something else up when fixing something is enormous.

    Stay with shat you know – you can always change templates later with very little effort on WordPress. It’s not cost effective to try some new stuff.


    1. You are so right. I’ve loaded myself with too many ongoing projects as it is. Having to learn a whole new site developer might just be the final straw.

      1. You CAN do it (many people can’t), but you may not CHOOSE to use your energy and time developing the new site. You can get to good enough very quickly with your existing skill-base. Only you can decide whether ‘perfect’ or ‘better’ than that are what you really want to do.

        The advantage of doing as I did, and quickly putting SOMETHING up for PC, is that you can then put ‘better’ on the to do list, but you don’t have a nagging hole meanwhile.

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