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The revision of Privileged Lives is going well, although stuff got in the way yesterday and I only did about two chapters. Still… Cutting the fat, expanding scenes, combining chapters, all on the way to a final rewrite. It’s down to 29 chapters, from 38, and I’ll probably combine several more before I’m through. It’s kind of amazing how much I’ve learned since writing it back in the Spring of 2011. And it’s hard to believe it’s been hanging around that long. This is one of those cases where you have to decide whether a book that’s never sold more than a few copies is worth overhauling. It might still languish unread, but it’s worth it to me.

The “stuff” that got in the way of book work yesterday, was one of the massive shopping trips I go on almost every week with my son. Usually, it’s two grocery stores and one or two thrift stores. Yesterday’s started with the local Humane Society. I decided a month or two ago that I missed having a fur ball, so I kept checking out the photos on the HS site. The cat I’m adopting is a ten-year-old orange female who might not have found another owner at that age. She wasn’t exactly abused by her previous owners, but they put her in their basement because of their little kids (no details on that except her inability to cope), and lived down there for a year. She’s still skittish, but didn’t have any trouble with my petting her, leaned right in, in fact, so I think she’ll be fine once she settles down. We’ll probably go in tomorrow to sign the adoption papers and take Stella home.

As part of getting my life somewhat normalized, which used to mean being owned by a cat, I’m cutting way back on the news. I’ve accepted that things are mostly going to get worse as the new “president” lays about him with an axe handle. There’s nothing I can do about it except put my little bit of money where I hope it will do some good. I made a second donation to the Standing Rock Sioux this morning, even though I know that particular battle will probably be lost.



11 thoughts on “Editing, Kitty Adoption, News

  1. Pick your battles – and do your little bit. I don’t want to stop asking about the Russian connections, so I’ll poke that one.

    Congratulations on finding a feline companion – Stella sounds adorable, and will probably have you wrapped around her paws in no time, for the mutual admiration society which will ensue.

    And congratulations on figuring out what to do with your book – sounds like a heart book which just needed to wait for your editing skills to catch up – those early books are often very much loved (I have one – as soon as I finish my trilogy…), because you poured so much into them. And you’ll have the improved version to read to Stella.

  2. Great to hear you’ve finally got your kitty. From what you say, she’s a very lucky cat. I’m sure she’ll settle down after a while, and be wonderful to have. A good move. BYW, is there more of Refuge somewhere? I could only find up to the part where they’re in the library and the vending machine’s empty.

    1. Are you sure you scrolled all the way down. I just checked and it’s all there. The last line is “The four people slept. The little piles of snowy slush turned to ice.” You had me panicked for a second. All this time and nobody mentioned it? Phew!

      Yup, Stella’s home. Spent quite a while exploring. I was surprised later when she shared my big comfy chair and half my lap. Then she took over the rocker in the bedroom, and now the bed–of course. I just hope she isn’t going to want to share my pillow. She’s very quiet and stays alert when I’m moving around, but It looks as if she’ll settle in nicely.

  3. And Gizzy won’t sit in my lap at all, or let me pet her except for a second while getting her treats. But she does stand on the back of my arm, facing out, sometimes, as if she’s sure I won’t grab her – or she can move faster than me.

    1. I’ve never met a cat that didn’t love to be petted. Durn cats! Think we’ll feed and shelter them and they can do as they please. Stella acts like she’s been here forever, on her second day with me. She’s gone from full alert every time I move around the apartment, and following me around, to sleeping right through. Gave her her first heart pill without a fight, thank goodness. And she is definitely a cuddler.

        1. Oops. You did mention it, but I have a memory like a sieve. Living with some cats is almost like living with a wild animal. Lizzy and I came to an understanding — hers.

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