Serializing Privileged Lives

Back when I was active on Live Journal, I serialized my first novel, Hidden Boundaries. It worked out pretty well in most ways. I got some very helpful critiques, and when I finally polished it up and published it, there were actually readers waiting to turn into buyers. Granted, the book fit nicely into a fairly big niche with a lively community on LJ. It appealed to readers of slavefic, most of whom want sex in their stories, so my deliberate avoidance of the usual cliché tropes of slavefic and the near-absence of any sex, and that only suggested was a bit risky. But I wanted to challenge expectations, and present slavery in a somewhat more realistic way, even though it still took place in an unlikely alternate universe.

A lot of the serial readers were oblivious to the ethical aspects of the book, and loved it mostly because they could cry over the protagonist’s sad plight. Still, it was satisfying that some readers did see what I was getting at. The book was fairly successful by my very low standards, and still picks up a sale now and then. I’d probably shudder if I ever read it again, but at least it would be cheering to know that my writing has improved considerably since then.

Blogging here is very different from Live Journal, and I have no idea whether serializing a novel would work. But since it’s being pretty extensively revised and edited, it would be nice to get some feedback to learn what’s working and what isn’t. Future sales would be nice too, but that isn’t something I would count on — maybe as an extra bonus.

So I’m giving serialization very serious thought right now, if for no other reason than curiosity. How would it work out? I’m thinking two posts a week, which should be enough to keep up readers’ interest. Some of the chapters are pretty long, around 5,000 words, so I’d split those.


4 thoughts on “Serializing Privileged Lives

  1. I serialilzed Pride’s Children on Wattpad, of all places as well as on Venturegalleries and Tuesdayserial and my own blog. I was gtting to the point where I was ready to share, and the Wattpad readers left cmments, and I met some of the grownup writers there.

    No buyers, but a bunch of reviews from people (usually oher writers) who I sent Review Copies to when PC was finished, And some wonderfl comments I was able to mine – and use with permission – on my back cover, description, and now in advertising.

    For that, it has been worth the effort – because it IS an effort. I was able to keep to a deadline of one scene a week published that way because I had a reserve of 40 finished ones when I starte, a number that almost turned out to be too small!

    I won’t do it again – but I got a lot out of the process, and still consider the people there my colleagues and friends. And still pick up readers.

    1. Glad to hear from you. You’ve been silent for a while, so I figured you needed some time out. Anyway… Posting the novel that many places must have been a real grind. I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I’ve been thinking about setting up another blog/website just for my writing, so serializing might be a good motive to get me going. The reason I’m planning to do two posts a week is that it’s all written, and I’d like to publish by April, at least. I’d planned on March, but my energy level has fallen through the floor, with just a few chapters in need of a thorough cleanup and a couple needing fuller development. Everything we do takes longer than we plan, eh?

      1. I’ve ben out due to three new stents and a good exhausting hospital stay which I hope ends today. Will blog about it when I have the energy and am home. The drugs have me in lalaland. I now face the battle of the doctors finding meds I can live with – that keep them happy. We’ll see.

        Talk to you soon.

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