March 5 Weekend Odds

Just a reminder (I did mention it before, didn’t I?) that the version of Privileged Lives I’m posting isn’t quite the final one. Very close, but not finished. And an invitation, in case I didn’t mention that, comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome.

I meant to post another section yesterday, but forgot about until late in the evening. Does anyone see a pattern here? Maybe I’ll put up two today. After all, there’s nothing like swamping readers.

Anyway… the final  revision is going well and I’m over halfway through. It’s going to be a much more solid novel than the first published version.

I’m currently engrossed in reading The Lucifer Effect, by Philip Zimbardo. It’s a long book and is turning out to be possibly critical to another book that I might possibly write some day. As a confirmation of my belief that humans are a basically flawed species that is failing Mother Nature’s grand experiment it’s extremely depressing. I’m about halfway through and looking forward to the hopeful conclusions he says are coming at the end of the book. Frankly though, I believe whatever hope he has is as delusional as the many delusions about ourselves that his Stanford Prison Study reveals.

Between The Lucifer Effect, research into criminal justice, and keeping tabs on the political and other craziness that fills the news every day, a coherent overall view of humanity is trying to assemble itself in my overloaded brain. Thank goodness, I will probably never find the time to write it, because it would undoubtedly look just like the rantings of all the poor souls who’ve tried to give us a true big-picture view and are remembered, if they’re remembered at all, as kooks and cranks.


3 thoughts on “March 5 Weekend Odds

  1. I read The Lucifer Effect some time ago; it seems to me you and I are reading a lot of the same things and mulling over the same human actions. Do write about it, if you can find the energy. I do not write; I rant every now and then when I get an audience. I’ve been focusing on prisons and prisoners,but it really comes down to how people deal with power and all its manifestations. Trying to find a way to balance power, capability, skill and effectiveness against dominance and the careless and negligent may well be impossible. Certainly philosophers have tried. I have been reading some of the books on the brain written for the laity – it is starting to look like how the brain works is not necessary helpful in human relations in the aggregate.

    I have your first version of Privileged Lives, and it has been a while since I read it. I will try to begin reading the new version, but it seems to just add to guilt of things I am not doing, like commenting on Minutes Before Six. I’ve been really sluggish in the last year, not even reading as much as I did. I need to spend less time reading the NYT and Washington Post online, and undertake some action. I very much admire your continued work on your books.

  2. Please don’t put a guilt trip on yourself about reading PL. In fact, since you bought the original, when I publish the new version, I’ll send you a copy. And personally, I hate reading single chapters. My memory just isn’t good enough to hold on until the next chapter, so I usually wait until there are several to read.

    Do get your nose out of the news as much as you can. It isn’t good for your mental health. I have to go on a news diet pretty regularly.

    I just got a new copy of a book I had to leave behind when I moved from PHilly. You might like it. Published in 1989, updated in 2000, but the material is still valid. New World New Mind: Moving Toward Conscious Evolution, by Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich. Discusses the mismatch between the human mind and the world we’ve come to live in. But like all such books, its message is pretty much ignored and we go on in the same old ways.

    1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I had not heard of that one – it is indeed something I want to read. What little I have read of Paul Ehrlich adds to my interest.

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