It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

I had planned to serialize half of Privileged Lives, but from the number of views so far, it seems that no one is interested. I’m not enthusiastic about reading serials, myself, preferring to let the chapters pile up until there’s a good sense of story, rather than read them one by one as they come out. General readership has also dropped like a stone while I’ve been serializing. So I’m going to do two more segments and then get back to the kind of stuff that this blog is usually about. Serializing is boring, anyway.

There was a discussion recently about an article someone had written after trying out Hemingway, one of the editing software programs that’s supposed to make you a better writer. I think the basic concept of Hemingway is a poor one, and the article’s author illustrated that pretty well with some samples. That’s one post coming up soon.


6 thoughts on “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

  1. I have to chuckle here. I serialized Pride’s Children. Wattpad got me a few readers, Tuesday serial gave me none I could tell, and my blog caught another small number. But I never read serials – because I don’t trust other authors! There is nothing compelling them to finish. I read Spots, the Space Marine – after it was finished.

    I tried a few – and kept getting abandoned by the author I had tried to support.

    I believe in your case the story was already finished; that’s different. I thought serializing would be good for me while I was finishing; intsead it almost broke me. But I felt it was a good thing to try once as a writer. And I did get some people on Wattpad who gave the individual ‘chapters’ quite a bit of attention – and have stayed with me and allowed me to use their comments as advertising matter.

    1. The non-finishers are a real pain. On AO3, which is mostly a fanfiction site, unfinished stories litter the place. I’ve been following one author for years. He’s written a series of related stories, but the last one has been dragging on forever. He added another chapter last year, promised to finish it, and everyone is still waiting.

      I had excellent luck with my first two serializations, but they were on Live Journal, where there was a community for the sort of thing I was writing then. Here, it just can’t pull that kind of audience, especially since it’s not a wildly popular topic. It was worth trying, though, just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something valuable. But I may do as Bea suggested, post a snippet every now and then.

        1. Hmm. I’d never considered that cell phone use would impact on blogging. But it makes sense.(except that it should be apparent on news and opinions site, which don’t lack commenters (and trolls). Supposedly, people are less willing to read anything very long, so that might definitely have something to do with the lack of reads here.

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