Getting Back to the Keyboard

Being too sick to write is a new experience for me, and one that’s been made even more difficult and unpleasant by dragging on for about six weeks. I’m far from well, still, but maybe improvement can be measured by the ability to at least think about writing. As always, when there’s been a hiatus, I have to go through the process of deciding exactly what I’m going to write. Which means which ongoing project am I going to pick up.

Normally, I have some internal reason for choosing one project over another, but now a new factor has come into play — money. As happens to many in this greatest of nations with the worst health care system in the world, one catastrophic illness means that I will spend the rest of my life deep in debt. I will never write the kind of book that could wipe that out, but I do have choices that are somewhat more likely to find readers than a couple I’ve been working on recently.

Gift of the Ancien and A Well-Educated Boy are far from commercial, but both have the potential to be tweaked a little way in that direction. Of the two, Gift is complete and has been through a certain amount of rewriting, so it’s the obvious choice. It would also be nice just to see it finished and published since it’s been in the works for several years.

I probably won’t be able to do a great deal of work each day, but it feels good to anticipate getting started. Onward and upward!


8 thoughts on “Getting Back to the Keyboard

  1. You know I want you writing – it is a marvelous place to go and forget the real world.

    Do what you can to tweak things – but keep at least one book of the heart somewhere in the mix, or you’ll go nuts. I know I have to feel I’ve spent my time wisely, and I have no ability to go commercial.

    Hope your brain works back to normal quickly – the brain is the key part. I’d almost allow myself to be a Futurama head if I could just keep writing, and not have to deal with the rest of life. ALMOST.

    1. I’m probably incapable of writing anything that doesn’t involve my heart somehow. Gift of the Ancien is more of a fantasy than anything else, so it’s been lower priority, but not something I have to push myself to work with. The difficulty is the shift in priorities — from getting the most meaningful work out first, to economic considerations. But I’m glad to still have the opportunity to write anything at all. In a way, though, what you said about getting away from the real world for a little while, I can use that right now. My physical existence and its fragility is so omnipresent right now that escape — even temporary — needs to be part of the day. You always seem to point out little tweaks that I might not have picked up for myself. Thanks.

      1. I’m feeling pretty fragile myself right now – the side effects of the medications have been terrifying.

        I’m burying myself in writing Book 2 – if I can do that, I’m myself, and not this panicked human whose heart does weird things and gets side effects from one medicine given for the side effects of another.

        I wish I were off of all of them.

        I need my Sanctuary; perhaps others do, too.

    2. Yes, Catana, I thought that was a great comment by Alicia. I use writing such a lot to escape from the so called real world. It’s a great comfort. We’re an interersting threesome, with rather similar problems and goals in writing.

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