August 5 – Weekend Notes

I must be a very cruel person. I enjoy reading Amazon book reviews at least partly for the ignorance and illiteracy they often reveal about their writers. Do these people even realize that they are exposing themselves and usually coming off much worse than the author they’re trying to badmouth? Or do they care?

I also enjoy dipping into a variety of subjects in WordPress’s Reader, and noting the variety of skills, or lack of them. This morning, I’ve seen loose used in place of lose, an all too common error. It’s being used as a possessive, almost as common as dirt. But here’s one that really caught my eye: “I am very excited to announce the publication of my short story A Day at the Beach on Amazon.” Two commas would have been a nice touch, and eliminated the mental image of spending a day on the beach while on Amazon.

I take it for granted that the freedom to expose yourself on the internet applies to writers and would-be writers as well as the rest of the world. I would like to believe that everyone who aspires to be a writer is open to criticism, but we all know that’s unlikely in the real world.

On a different note, work on A Perfect Slave is coming along — much slower than I foolishly hoped — but I’m almost halfway through. It seems, regardless of my logical approach to prioritization, that the next project will be A Well-Educated Boy, in spite of being not much more than notes. If I could ever figure out why WIPs seem to set their own agendas, my life would be much less frustrating. So Gift of the Ancien gets pushed to the back of the line once again.

I’ve been exploring Bullet Journaling, which is supposed to be a supremely practical approach to the scattered sticky notes and bits of paper that are the bane of the hopelessly disorganized. Of course, that research involved hours of ignoring all the non-computer work waiting for me, but convinced me that it’s worth trying. Using the computer to keep myself organized has just not worked, no matter how many and how many types of organizers I’ve tried. Pen and paper really does work better for me because it’s immediate. Where it doesn’t work is how to keep track of all the bits of scribbles. Bullet Journaling seems to combine the best features of working on the computer with the ability to just pick up the darn notebook any old time rather than interrupt whatever I’m doing to pull the computer out of sleep mode and open a program. I have a graphing notebook on order from Amazon, which does rather piss me off because graphing notebooks are nothing special except that they’re now a big item for Bullet Journaling enthusiasts. The one at the drugstore was cheap, but only available in one size — way too big for convenience — so I’m letting myself get ripped off for a smaller one. Will eventually report on how it goes.



3 thoughts on “August 5 – Weekend Notes

    1. Hope you won’t be disappointed — or feel obligated. Not everyone is a fan of slavefic, and I wouldn’t expect them to be. I’m not that much of a fan myself, at least not of the kind that uses slavery as an excuse to get off on violence and sexual abuse. Perfect Slave gets much closer to that then the two Boundaries novels do, but only to examine what its effects might actually be on an individual.

  1. I’m not sure you’re a cruel person, but you’re more honest than I am to admit how you feel about reviewers – in public. I think it is very hard for someone to write an opinion piece without giving away a lot about themself. I’m sure I do the same.

    Not that it covers the whole self, but it definitely covers a number of the pieces that make someone a reader and/or writer.

    I have one 4* review other people have told me to ignore and grow a thicker skin about – and I think of it as the most passive aggressive review I’ve ever read. I think it was deliberate; but, even unconsciously, it is definitely malicious. As one of the most recent ones, it also has a disproportionate effect on future readers. I’d remove it or get it voted down if I felt that were ethical, but I know I’m supposed to just take my lumps as anyone wishes to dish them out.

    But it rankles – and I have told myself to deal with it by NEVER writing such a review for anyone else, even though I think I could do a splendid job. Because my evilness must be disguised from the world – and the target isn’t worth it.

    Gak! Listen to me!

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