Slow Progress is Better than No Progress

Nothing much got done around here for the last few days, so A Perfect Slave is slipping further and further behind my mythological publishing schedule. But here is the cover, still waiting for a few tweaks, but essentially what you’ll see on the ebook.

I still have to compile the text into epub format, and write the blurb, decide on the categories and tags, and do some backmatter, like point readers to the first two novels.

I’m pretty tired of the hassle involved in getting a title into Smashwords, and sales there have become so rare that it really isn’t worth bothering. I’ve been thinking about switching over to D2D (Draft2Digital), but a new blog post by David Gaughran, who’s become more or less a guru of self-publishing, advocates for using Amazon’s KU. So that’s something else to think about. I’ve never given Amazon an exclusive on any of my books, but I need to do something new. Even if it’s not the right thing, I’ll never know unless I try it.



5 thoughts on “Slow Progress is Better than No Progress

    1. You’re actually right. I don’t like the blue at all. The others are green and light brown, which I don’t want to repeat, but most other colors aren’t suitable. May fool with it some more today.

  1. I use KU, and, when my ads were working at all, got about half sales, half borrows. With an expensive book, KU seems a bargain to readers.

    I don’t think readers of literary/mainstream/commercial fiction go to sites like Smashwords and Kobo, so sticking with Amazon makes sense for me. And if they owe you money, it is entirely hassle-free, and quick.

    I like Amazon – even as I am struggling to find ads that work (possibly the readers I want don’t ever click on ads). As an almost shut-in, I have no trouble getting what I need. Many people don’t like Amazon – then it must be hard to choose KU. I always remind myself that Amazon is a very successful business putting a fire to the feet of companies which were/are a pain to deal with.

    1. I rarely get sales from wide distribution with Smashwords, but that’s really my own fault. I don’t advertise or do promotions of any kind, so I doubt that switching to D2D would make any difference. For the same reason, though, I have to wonder whether going exclusive with Amazon and putting books in KU will have any different results. More potential visibility, of course, but in reality, I’ll be buried by people who do promote, who have newsletters, etc.

      1. I know. Hoping to be discovered is not working, and the kind of one-on-one publicity I do now is very slow. And the effort I’ve put into ads is still not the RIGHT effort. I need to rethink some of it.

        I’m happy to share some of my profits with Amazon in exchange for exposure – but I have to do it much better, because the indie methods aren’t working for me (nor did I expect them to – genre sells differently from mainstream). I paused all my ads until I can go work on the book description – again. And more works available are supposed to help, so the writing has to be done first.

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