September 14 — Mid-month Odds and Ends

I just received a request for a review of a book that I apparently downloaded when it was offered as a freebie. I didn’t recognize the title and wondered if the request was a mistake. So I bopped over to Amazon and read the blurb and the sample. The blurb actually made me wonder why I had been interested in reading the book (a novelette), and the sample reminded me, very vaguely, of what it was about. I’d already deleted it, which means that it didn’t interest me enough to keep it. In fact, rereading the sample didn’t even arouse any memories of the rest of the story. And that’s true of most of the books I download, either as freebies, or as reasonably priced gambles on unknown authors — they simply don’t offer anything memorable. Another factor in my erasure of the book may have been that it is the first of a series. On the whole, most series aren’t worth following up, so unless the first volume is exceptionally exciting, I’m not going on to the next. So, no review

I’m still having so much trouble with the timeline of A Well-Educated Boy that I’ve decided not to write the first draft in any kind of order. So I have the first chapter on my Alphasmart Neo, which I can work on sitting comfortably in the livingroom, and the chapter in which he’s told he’s going to Porter Alternative School (which comes quite a bit later) is in Scrivener, on the computer. I’ll probably write the entire novel that way: scenes and chapters in whatever order they present themselves to me, and then fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Set Me Free is still hanging, more a cloud of ideas, quotes, and possible approaches than something that looks as if it might be a real book. Having given up on the academic approach some time back, I’ve been playing around (in my head) with experimental approaches. The latest brainstorm is to include excerpts from some of my prison short stories, or even write new fictional pieces to supplement (enhance?) more usual methods of presenting the material.

Someone bought a copy of Hidden Boundaries on Smashwords a few days ago. They must have liked it because Crossing Boundaries followed. Of course I’m assuming they were both sold to the same person, which might not be the case. If the buyer is one of my blog readers, thank you very much, and I do hope you enjoy the books. Why do I make a point of these sales? Because it’s been a long time since I’ve had any sales at all on Smashwords, so getting two within days of each other is a mood booster.

A reminder to anyone who’s a fan of those two books and is waiting eagerly for A Perfect Slave, this third book does take place in the hand slaves universe, but is a standalone, not a sequel. Be patient please. I haven’t made any progress lately on getting it published, but will try to get my nose back to the grindstone.


3 thoughts on “September 14 — Mid-month Odds and Ends

  1. I have so few sales that 3 – at my reduced price – less than a month ago, and one borrow, constitute my entire selling career for the past month. And I think I know the person who borrowed.

    If that defined our writing, I’d say there was no point to it.

    But I’m as invested as I’ve ever been – seventeen years now in the one story – and I still think it’s worth it because 1) only I can write it, and 2) it is worth ALL my energy. There is also NOTHING else I can do with my life, but that’s not the main reason for sticking to the one book, but only the reason for writing.

    I sometimes wonder if God really wants me to write this, because I have no other options except watching TV all day. Good enough for me. Curious place for someone like me to end up at, the only girl from my all-girls school in Mexico to have a doctorate in engineering and work at Princeton, etc., etc.. I had such high ambitions: this has to fulfill them. Huh. Life is interesting!

    1. Life is always full of surprises, not all of them pleasant. And certainly not what we might have anticipated. But I don’t think it requires purely rational reasons for our persisting in some endeavors.

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