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A young man is kidnapped from his own nation and sold into slavery. As he fights to retain his sense of self, his sympathetic owner struggles with his own inherited and hated role. Their attempts to understand each other are marked by conflict and reconciliations.

Hidden Boundaries is a dramatic look at slavery, the loss of freedom, and the uses and abuses of power. It involves romantic male/male relationships, but is not a romance and contains no graphic sexual content.




When a new law gave him his freedom, Cor’s relationship with the two slaves who had been his companions had to change. Now it may have to change again. For the welfare of others, and for the future of the estate, he’s forced to put aside a past that still haunts him and make choices that go against his every instinct. As the horror of slavery in Carhagen comes closer, Cor must decide where he stands in respect to an institution he hates. How can he live with himself if he becomes part of the system that enslaved him?



When a stranger who is unfamiliar with slavery asks too many questions, the perfect balance in a master/slave relationship is destroyed. Under the stranger’s goading, another man’s conscience wakes up and, in order to correct an injustice and alleviate his own guilt for covering up a lie, he risks the loss of a close friend.

16,000 word short story. Mature topics.





Economic and environmental collapse has turned the United States into a nation of refugees. The solution is every conspiracy theorist’s nightmare — internment camps. When Casey Thompson loses his family, his job, and any reason for living, he goes on the drift. Then he’s scooped up to become one of 300 homeless single men locked behind the razor wire of Camp Midway, a repurposed Army base halfway between “somewhere and nowhere.” Even Lieutenant Capra, the young officer in charge of Midway, doesn’t know if their imprisonment will ever end. Only Casey’s friendship with Jake, an old man nearing the end of his own life, is keeping him going. But violence and death stalk the camp and Casey takes more losses. Sooner or later, he must make a decision: accept a life with no hope and no future, or find a way out and make a new life for himself.



Bran Carstairs is convicted for a murder he didn’t commit, and left free to walk the streets — if he dares. He lives in a society where the ultimate punishment for murder isn’t execution, but something far worse. Transformed into a thing that parents use to frighten naughty children, a Null, he will be a man without a face, hiding in the shadows, no longer human. He will be prey, hunted for sport. His only choice is to survive or die. How long will it be before death is the better choice?

12,000 word short story



Temporarily unavailable (waiting for revision).

New laws allow people to contract themselves out for indentured service. Times are hard, your husband has died, your children are still young, and you’re buried in debt. You’ll sacrifice anything for your family, even your freedom. Because that’s all you have left.

The government calls it bonded service, but everyone knows what it really is: indentured servitude. Abolitionists say it’s a return to slavery, but what choice do you have? Only 15 years and you’ll be free again. That isn’t so bad. Except for missing your children. But you’re doing it for them, and you’ll be together again — someday.

6,600 word short story