Work in Progress

Camp Expendable

Near-future science fiction, written for 2015 NaNoWriMo. A future in which large numbers of Americans are held in internment camps as a “solution” to economic breakdown. Currently about 60,000 words.

Set Me Free

Nonfiction. An experiment in finding a new way to look at the problem of capital punishment and humanizing the men and women on America’s death rows.

Privileged Lives and Other Lies

My longest novel at 94,000 words, written for NaNoWriMo about three years ago. It’s never sold well, so I’ll be doing a serious revision for a second edition. Near-future science fiction, coming of age, and, as I understand now, solidly in the young adult category. Will probably change the title to just Privileged Lives.

Bentham’s Dream

Near-future science fiction. Novella that started as a short story. Takes place in a prison for the “worst of the worst,” in which inmates are kept in total solitary confinement for the remainder of their lives. The idea is based on Jeremy Bentham’s concept of the panopticon, a prison in which the prisoners are always under the eyes of the jailers. The title will probably change. Currently about 23,000 words.

A Well-Educated Boy

Near-future science fiction, young adult. Town and its schools are corporate-owned. Cocky young high school student rebels. Under 10,000 words, so far. Will probably be novella length. I’ve already found  the ideal graphic for the cover. Can’t wait to use it.

Gift of the Ancien

Science fiction with a hint of vampires. Written for NaNoWriMo too long ago. Is in process of a revision that’s nearly a complete rewrite.  Currently 106,000 words.